Prices: The published rates for our catalog of villas, houses and apartments will always be expressed as daily and weekly rates, according to the rates of each property that appear on our website. During the high season, there is a minimum stay of seven (7) nights and you must arrive and depart on a Saturday, unless you expressly state that flexible arrival and departure days are allowed. During the mid and low season, arrivals and departures may be allowed on other days of the week and, in some cases, shorter stays are also allowed. In the case of long-term rentals (minimum stay, one month), the published prices can be monthly and according to our lists, arrival and departure can be any day of the week. In the case of long-term rentals, energy costs (electricity, water, gas, diesel ...) are not included in the price and the guest must pay these costs separately. In all cases, the rates include the use of fully equipped accommodation, all taxes that apply to accommodation (VAT, local taxes, community and tourist taxes, if any), as well as the maintenance of the pool and garden. Additional costs such as final cleaning (bed linen and towels), air conditioning, winter heating and extra beds, cribs, high chairs, pet surcharges and weekly changes of bed linen, may or may not be included in the rate of rent, depending on the accommodation. If a guest reserves any of the above-mentioned extras, this information will be specified in the voucher contract, which will include details of its characteristics, the number of units reserved and the price per unit, as well as the total price of all reserved extras.

Reservations and payment terms

1. Purpose: the reservation and the contract are only for groups or for family tourism purposes. They are not for business or other purposes. Therefore, we decline all liability to companies or individuals for damages incurred, such as loss of profits or any activity that is not for group or family tourism purposes.

2. Reservation methods: reservations can be made in person, by phone or online. However, reservations will only be confirmed when Book It receives the initial payment in the account.

3. Payment method: the available payment methods are bank transfer, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or cash (always subject to prior acceptance by the agency). Bank checks and traveler's checks are not accepted.

4. Payment options:

20% - 80% of installments: a total of 20% of the rental amount to guarantee the reservation, 15 days before the start of the stay, the final payment of 80% plus additional costs plus refundable deposit.

The payment conditions are described in the voucher or reservation confirmation contract sent by email when confirming your reservation. In no case will you be given the keys to the property until the price has been paid in full.

5. Cancellation of reservation due to breach of payment conditions:

After making your reservation you will have 48 hours to cancel the reservation at no cost. After those 48 hours the reservation will remain under normal cancellation conditions.

In the event that you do not perform any of the aforementioned payment conditions within 2 days of the scheduled dates, Book It will automatically cancel the reservation without prior notice and you will receive an email. notifying you about this. - Reduce your stay. If you decide, unilaterally, to interrupt your stay for any reason, you will not be entitled to any refund, since your stay is reserved as a unit and is subject to the minimum number of nights stipulated in the voucher contract.

- No-show: if after forty-eight (48) hours after the start of the stay, you have not shown up to collect the keys to the property, or you should not have specified a day of arrival, the reservation will be considered canceled and you will not be entitled to a discount or any refund of the total price of the reservation.

- Cancellation conditions: Cancellation penalties will depend on the means of contracting and the time remaining for the start of the stay. The cancellation must be communicated as soon as possible by the tenant to Book It through the email provided in the reservation confirmation email. The cancellation will lead to the following sanction depending on the progress with which it is carried out.

- 15 days before arrival: 100% of the total amount of the reservation.

6. Security deposit: On weekly or daily reservations, 15 days before the start of your stay, you will be asked to pay a security deposit to ensure the correct use and care of furniture, equipment and use, and exit conditions. The amount will be charged to your credit card on the day of arrival. You could also pay the deposit by bank transfer. The deposit will be returned maximum one week after the end of your stay, provided that an inspection has shown that the accommodation has not been damaged and all conditions of use have been followed. We will refund it on the same credit card or by bank transfer. The individual characteristics of the villa may imply specific conditions with respect to the security deposit, which will be defined in the special conditions of the accommodation. On the contrary, when booking a long-term rental (at least 1 month), a guarantee or deposit will be required, depending on the accommodation, to guarantee the proper use of the property, the preservation of the furniture, the equipment of the home, use and conditions of exit, as well as to guarantee the payment of the expenses related to the energy. In the case of winter reservations, the amount of the deposit may vary depending on the characteristics of the property. The security deposit will be maintained until the bills of both electricity, water or gas mentioned above are in our possession and its amount will be deducted from this security deposit. Failure to comply with the conditions of departure and use will result in the loss of the security deposit.

7. Arrival at the villa: To take possession of the property, you must pay all outstanding amounts, including extras, and collect the keys at the address indicated on the date and time specified in your arrival email. If you intend to arrive outside the time slot indicated in the voucher contract, you must contact Book It to arrange delivery. In such cases, if you arrive between 20:00 and 00:00, you will be charged a supplement of € 50 to cover the additional costs incurred by our team, who must deliver the property outside of their normal working hours. If your arrival is after 00:00, the supplement is € 100. Please check the special conditions for each property.

8. Exit of the property: You must leave the property before 10.00 a.m. in the same conditions in which he found it, tidy and without trash on the property. If you do not, you will be charged a supplement as a penalty of your € 20 security deposit. In severe cases, extra cleaning and extra repair costs will be charged to your security deposit. The price charged for the final cleaning carried out on the property covers the cleaning at the end of the stay. The final cleaning of the villa includes cleaning it, but does not include cleaning dishes, cutlery and kitchen utensils or taking the trash to the nearest community trash containers. If you leave the property leaving the dishes and cutlery dirty or if you leave garbage inside or around the property without depositing it in the nearest community trash container, a € 50 fine will be deducted from your deposit. If you leave the property and find the furniture in a significantly different position, a penalty of € 50 of your deposit will also be applied. If any damage is identified or items missing from the property are discovered after you vacate it, you will be charged from your deposit or credit card to cover the cost of these damages up to the limit established as a security deposit. Once your card is charged to compensate for breach of contractual obligations, Book It will contact you to explain why the additional amounts have been charged. If the damage you have caused is not covered by the security deposit, you will be notified by email or by phone. If we cannot reach an agreement, we will take steps to recover the cost of this through the relevant legal channels as defined in Clause XIV.

9. Conditions of Use:

- Responsibilities of the undersigned occupant. When you reserve accommodation for other occupants (besides you), you become responsible for paying the total rental price and for any damage caused by your behavior and by the behavior of others who accompany you in the rented accommodation.

- Maximum number of occupants: the reservation is valid for the maximum number of occupants indicated in the reservation form. The use of accommodation by more people than the specified number of occupants is not allowed. If you exceed the maximum number of occupants, the rental agreement may be terminated and you will lose your security deposit. In this case, the payments you have made will not be refunded and you will be responsible for paying the total rental cost. If you intend to accommodate more people than the specified number of occupants on the property, you must send a written request to Book It before your arrival date. Book It reserves the right to refuse the reservation or, at its discretion, allow it, making an additional charge as appropriate. You agree to limit the occupancy of the accommodation to the maximum number of occupants specified in your reservation, in the absence of a written agreement to the contrary. This requirement applies to all nights of the stay. It is not allowed to change the identification of more than fifty percent of the occupants who have started the stay without prior authorization from Book It.

- Celebrations and parties: celebrations and parties can only be held in a reserved accommodation when the number of guests is equal to or less than the maximum number of occupants allowed in the villa. You must comply with the hours and rules that govern each location. It is not allowed to organize and celebrate celebrations and parties for third parties, regardless of the number of guests attending. Therefore, it is forbidden to celebrate celebrations, parties and events with more than the maximum number of authorized occupants in the accommodation. Failure to comply with this clause will result in the total cancellation of the reservation without the right to a refund of the amount paid. If the guest wishes to hold a celebration or a party, we recommend that you notify us before making your reservation so that we can see if there is a villa that can potentially meet your needs in terms of the number of guests and other conditions. . In any case, this will only be allowed if the guest obtains a written permission from Book It and pays the corresponding additional cost and security deposit.

- Pets: pets are only allowed when this is specified in the characteristics of the accommodation and if these pets are of the characteristics and size described. If we discover that you have brought one or more unauthorized pets to the property, Book It reserves the right to automatically cancel your stay and you will be asked to vacate the villa within eight (8) hours. This is because the owners of the accommodation only authorize the animals on the property when expressly indicated in the conditions of the property. In the case of accommodations where pets are allowed, Book It will not require you to vacate the property, however, you will be charged a fine of three times the pet fee. The minimum fine will be € 150. The presence of animals that, objectively and clearly, are not the ones you described, is also considered a contract violation and allows Book It to cancel your stay. You will also be responsible for paying the additional charges detailed above.

- Access to the property: during the stay, the accommodation is exclusively for use. However, you are required to provide access to Book It staff and other authorized persons during your stay to fulfill our obligations described in this document, to clean the pool, maintain the garden and perform any repairs or to perform other tasks arising from incidents that occur on the property during your stay. In any case, Book It staff will ring the bell or knock twice before entering the villa and will only use the key if you do not answer the door.

- Book It reserves the right to cancel or cancel the rental if there is a reasonable suspicion that it has or will cause serious damage to the property. If you breach these terms of use and / or exit conditions, we will automatically cancel this agreement and you will lose your security deposit.

- Electricity consumption: Depending on the date of your reservation, Book It will provide you with details of the applicable air conditioning or heating rates in case you have to pay part. This rate is established based on a maximum daily consumption defined for each accommodation. If you consume more electricity than the defined maximum limit, your deposit will be charged for this amount to compensate the owner for the additional expenses incurred. You are urged to make responsible and reasonable use of heating and air conditioning equipment to avoid incurring additional costs during your stay.

- Cleaning costs: the cost of cleaning the accommodation at the end of your stay is included in the reservation price and is subject to the provisions of clause VIII of these general conditions. This is clearly stated both on the Book It website and the property features. In general, its cost is paid 15 days before your arrival. Cleaning costs during your stay are only included if they are specified in your reservation confirmation, either because they are included in the selected accommodation as indicated in the property details on the Book It website or because they have been booked as an extra service through the Book It website or through our reservation team

- Bed linen and towels: bed linen and towels are included in the rental price, however, extra or beach sheets and towels are not included unless otherwise specified in the special conditions of the accommodation or be specified as extra as part of the stay. Please refer to the specific conditions applicable to the property in question on our website.

- Property keys: you will be given 2 complete sets of keys upon arrival (this number may vary depending on the property). Additional sets of keys will not be provided unless otherwise indicated in the special conditions applicable to the property. If the keys are not returned or lost, an extra € 100 will be charged to compensate the company and subsequent occupants for damages and inconveniences. This amount will be deducted from your deposit.

- Additional facilities: in many cases, if indicated directly when booking, you can request a range of additional equipment or services through the Book It website or through our reservation team such as: baby cot / baby chair / s , etc. We recommend that you speak with our reservation team in advance to ensure that the equipment is available during your stay.

Changes in reservations or cancellations in Book It due to unforeseeable circumstances Book It Costa Blanca Holiday Rentals SLU reserves the right to replace the accommodation you book with similar accommodation in the event of a serious unforeseen event that prevents you from staying in the reserved accommodation. If it is not possible to stay in a similar property or the proposed accommodation is not to your liking, alternative dates will be offered or, as a last option, your reservation will be canceled and the total amount you have already paid will be refunded. Benefits and responsibilities Except for typing errors, the information describing the accommodation offered is provided in good faith based on property inspections and owners' declarations. Book It undertakes that the property is as described in its general conditions, although it understands and accepts that there may be occasional changes in the contents as a result of its use, such as different appliances, outdoor furniture or decorative elements, which are replaced in a regular basis. Book It declines all responsibility for any changes that affect the accommodation or its environment that is not directly controlled by Book It. You specifically agree that you have no right to claim any compensation for any of the following anomalies that are unpredictable and that Book It cannot avoid:

- Construction. The accommodation offered generally consists of private property belonging to different individual owners. This is usually found in large residential areas. The accommodation is located in tourist complexes, which means that there is an unlikely possibility of unexpected construction in the immediate vicinity. This construction work is generally carried out by owners, builders or government organizations with whom Book It has no relationship, and over which, therefore, it has no control. Therefore, when booking the accommodation, you understand and accept that neither Book It nor the owners are responsible for any inconvenience caused by work that has not been performed by the accommodation provider.

- Satellite / cable TV: if the description indicates that there is satellite or cable television on the property, this does not necessarily mean that it is possible to receive all the channels you want. The owners, most of whom are foreigners, have set-top boxes that do not necessarily receive all international channels.

- Water, electricity and Internet: water cuts, power outages and Internet failures are uncommon on the Costa Blanca, especially when the area serves a large number of visitors. Municipal and / or regional authorities may decide to temporarily cut or restrict supplies and services. Book It and the property owner declines all responsibility for such inconveniences and for the damages caused by such restrictions.

- Accidents and thefts: Neither Book It nor the owner assume responsibility for losses, damages or injuries (injuries, illness, death, property damage or theft) suffered by you or your companions during your stay. By booking the accommodation, you accept that you are responsible for the security of your belongings and understand that you cannot hold Book It or the owner of the villa for such incidents. To minimize potential risks, it is recommended that you exercise caution when using the kitchen and pool areas, which are particularly dangerous for occupants. We also urge you to be very careful to close and close doors and windows for your own safety. These recommendations are particularly relevant when there are children and the elderly among the occupants.

- Suggestions and incident reports: Book It has a preventive system to deal with incidents that occur and that is put into operation during the winter months, as well as a weekly preventive inspection that monitors the specific control points of the property . These procedures are designed to prevent and / or detect the vast majority of incidents in our property portfolio to ensure you have an unforgettable stay. We would also appreciate if you notify us by phone or make a note about the suggestion forms available in the villa about any incident or suggestion that may not have had a significant impact on your stay, but that will help us continue to improve the services we provide to our clients.

- Suggestions and incident reports: Despite our quality policy and customer service, because our accommodations are complete during the summer, some incidents may be detected during your stay in the accommodation you have booked. Notify us of any problem during the first 24 hours of your stay by sending a message to the 24-hour incident phone number, so that we can solve the problem as quickly as possible, reducing as much as possible any impact you may have on your stay. If you do not notify us of any problem within the first 24 hours, you will not have the right to complain about the defects detected upon arrival. We need you to notify us of such incidents to ensure that you are not responsible for breakages or damage caused by previous occupants that were not detected by our team during the inspection prior to your arrival. It is important that you, as a guest of the property, understand and accept that some incidents may arise naturally as a result of the natural use of the property and that sometimes these incidents are unforeseen and, as a result, are impossible to prevent (for example, problems with septic tanks, problems with the boiler, broken faucets, electrical failures, etc.) or beyond our control (for example: power cuts in general, construction work or animals nearby, problems with insects, etc.) . In Book It we will do everything in our power to resolve or minimize the impact of any incident that occurs during your stay. However, when booking a stay, the client accepts that Book It will be responsible only for matters that have control and a real resolution capacity during their stay and that certain events, especially during the high season, may take longer to resolve. resolution that the guest could want, because they require the attention of specialized suppliers whose availability is not always guaranteed. We ask that you collaborate to accurately detect and report any potential incident or problem that may arise during your stay and that you do so politely and with a constructive attitude towards our team, which undertakes to do everything possible to solve the problem, but that However, they need your collaboration and respect. Incidents and complaints must be reported or made by sending a message to the Book It phone number or by sending an email and not through third parties. If it is not possible to resolve the incident on the spot to your satisfaction within 72 hours after your call, you can submit a written and motivated complaint to the Book It office mentioned. You must file this complaint before the end of your stay. Claims made after the end of the stay will not be applicable and you will lose all your rights with respect to the observed incident. If you move to an alternative accommodation provided by Book It or leave the property early without notifying Book It, you will no longer be entitled to receive any potential compensation in this regard. Validity and contractual term The contractual relationship is subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Denia, which will resolve any complaint or dispute related to the stays in our accommodation. Data Protection In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 on protection of personal data, you are notified that your data will be included in a database of customers of this company, for the purposes of your business relationship with us, and To send you more information about our company. You are also notified that you have the right to exercise your right to access, correct and cancel your information.

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